Haman Piñata

Handmade Authentic Piñatas for Purim


Piñatas will be available in two sizes: 2ft and 3ft.

Piñatas can be pickup at our Shul in Pico-Robertson for free, delivered in Los Angeles for $20, or shipped via UPS/USPS.

Piñata is WITHOUT candy. For an additional fee parve candy can be added when you buy the piñata.

To arrange pickup and skip shipping cost please email office@picoshul.org

Regular size 48" Haman Piñta

Regular size 36″ Haman Piñta











Kids with Haman Piñata









LARGE SIZE $200 is 5′ tall – CUSTOM ORDER ONLY – email office@picoshul.org








Coming soon – Hamantaschen Piñata! email office@picoshul.org

Candy only for local delivery and pick-ups:

Candy Filling for Regular Piñata $25

Rope Noose $5